• Welcome to The Smile Department….

    Hi I am Colin MacKenzie also known by my pals as "Spider".

    I am a photographer & smile catcher. I love taking photographs, meeting new people, sharing moments and of course catching smiles. My style is relaxed & fun.

    This website & blog are new as of 2014. As the year goes on I will be posting pictures from shoots. Perhaps some photographs from of a visit to a favourite park with a family or pictures from an event I covered.

    No f stops of shutter speeds will be mentioned ;-)

    To get in touch with a smile catcher. Drop me a line via my contact form or call me on 07718192453

    I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy the moments I have shared as you scroll down thought my posts.


Early December I did a great fun photo shoot of two lovely sisters. Tamsin & Rhiannon. It was typical Aberdeen, winter weather so I took my back drop round to their home. I love a minimalist back ground especially with back and white pics. I had a great time and the two beautiful ladies kept me smiling. Have a peak. I think you will smile also. Oh pic 7 is their reaction to my suggestion that Johnny Depp is joining us for lunch 😉 I would have posted this wee blog sooner however Santa was delivering some beautiful wall art pictures of the girls to their Dad & he asked me to not spoil the surprise. I hope you enjoy them & please give me a shout via the contact link if you would like some beautiful pictures of your loved ones.

It’s been a wee while since I posted however here are some pics I took of the wonderful musician Steve Crawford. OK I am biased as he is pal who I play music with.

I hope you enjoy the pics which I took just prior to a concert we did in Germany earlier this year. The light was great so I grabbed my camera and took some pics.

I will be saying hi again soon however for now. The Smile Catchers & I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas & peaceful, healthy 2016

Love Colin AKA Spider

X x

P.S. Steve and I are playing along with a number of great musicians at the Blue Lamp in Aberdeen on Hogmanay.

Hi folks,

Chrissie & Wee Rose swung by for a coffee and I grabbed the chance to take two or three pics of them with my wee portable studio. It’s always handy to have it in Scotland. E.G when visiting family on a wet day. It pops up in a short time & doesn’t take that much space. Great for when we want some pics with a plain background. I always aim for a natural look. By varying where they are in relation to the backdrop I can even change the tone. What I like most though is that there are no distractions. If you would like some lovely pictures of you and your loved ones. Please call me on 07718192453 or alternatively get in touch by the contact link. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi folks, I had a great afternoon in October sharing Joan and Mark’s special day at the Marcliffe Hotel in Aberdeen. The ceremony was really lovely. Hardly a dry eye at times, including the photographer. They included a ring warming. This involves passing the wedding bands around the guests in the room who hold the bands and say something to send the couple on their journey together. It was very touching. One other thing…bearing in mind it was October when they had their celebration I think it was the warmth and love towards Joan and Mark which kept us warm when we recorded some moments in the gardens. I had a great time and hope you enjoy the memories.


Hi folks, I am having a great weekend and I thought I’d share three pics I just took. Emma my daughter lives with Robert her partner in Copenhagen. They are back for a few days and we all went out for lunch. Now anyone who has a photographer for a partner will vouch, they can often be asked to model. “Please stand there, back a bit, that’s it I am just practising this shot etc”.  Emma is more than familiar with this, what with Robert also being a photographer. So after lunch there was no escape today, what with there being two of us. My son Paul, a keen motorcyclist inevitably got drawn in to some posing also. Much fun was had and more to follow. I hope you enjoy the pics.

I must mention this. If you would like some unique gorgeous home décor. Please have a look at Emma June Designs. I have a very talented daughter!

If you would like some relaxed, natural photographs of your family please give me a shout. You can reach me on  07718192453 or via my contact form.